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You never know

We recently decided to redo our front lawn and that meant ripping the whole thing and doing something new. I wanted a different grass as well. It was monumental task so we did some calling around at different lawn care companies.

Several bids later we settled on one and they got right to work on it. They tore out the all the old dirt and grass at about 5 inches down. Ran new irrigation system  and laid down new dirt that was infused with the kind of grass seed I wanted.

They also offered lawn treatment services as well so they came every month to make sure the yard was getting what it needed as far as nutrients go.

Anyway you are probably wondering why I am talking about this when I mostly talk about jewelry.

Well when they were working on this yard they found something really amazing.

Next to the tree they noticed something shimmering a little. They called me over since I was watching them work and I went to dig it out a little.

Turns out it was a diamond necklace with a very elegant gold chain. It was quite dirty and tarnished.

I took it inside and clean it up a little and the diamond I estimated to be about 3 carats!

I have no idea how it got there. Whoever lived here before either buried it or lost it long ago and there it remained for at least 23 years.

You just never know what will turn up in your front yard!

Sad story

Have you ever seen the movie Titanic? I am sure you have. Everyone has seen that movie at least once.

Well I was thinking about how that movie ended and she dropped that famous necklace down into the cold depths of the sea. I recently had that happen to me, although it was much warmer water.

My fiancee and I decided to charter a yacht out of Miami. Instead of the usual cruise with all the people we wanted one of those simple smaller yachts that was intimate and comfortable for two people.

They had many to choose from too. We settled on one that had one crew member and a captain. It was really nice with a lounge area, deck, personal quarters that rivaled a captains quarters size.

We were really excited and this was in fact the best trip we have taken anywhere.

Except for this one part. I lost my necklace.

We were doing a little swimming off the coast of Key West before we ended our trip back to Miami.

It was a beautiful evening with sunny and clear waters. We also got some snorkels and swam around some reefs and this is where my hanging necklace snagged onto a part of the reef.

Before I could grab it, it had sunk down to the depths of the reef and ocean.

I honestly thought of the movie Titanic right then. Will someone someday see that necklace? Will it become part of an historical find?

Who really knows.

It was still an awsome vacation.

Sport Stuff

Hey guys and gals.

What are your thoughts on guys wearing jewelry ?

You see many sports athletes wear earrings and gold chains. I wonder if it is a culture thing or just plain trying to be like everyone else?

I like when the jewelry is representing something important to them. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing gold, silver or hemp. These athletes are on TV all the time so their loved ones will get to see them wearing this significant piece of jewelry live telling them they are special and important. 

Anyway it also reminds me of a song, Cross of Gold, by Michael W. Smith. Hey had this lyric asking the hearer that said, “What’s your Line?” What is it your trying to say? ”

It always stuck with me with everything I do in life from the clothes I wear to any kind of accessory I have. I don’t personally wear a necklace but I used to when I was younger. I had a really cool choker with a sharks tooth in the center. It was from a summer where I had a lot of fun at beaches and working out.

Later on I had a beaded one after a trip to Honduras. Eventually I stopped wearing a necklace of any kind as I just felt like I outgrown it.

So what’s your line? What do you wear your cross of Gold?

Tom Brady

Hey everyone! 

I feel like ranting a little here. I am sure Tom Brady wears a necklace that signifies something important to him. I know for sure he wears his Championship rings whenever he feels like it.

However lately he may feel like it has tarnished a little. Everyone outside of Pats Nation is ganging up on him for the deflated footballs. 

It Is amazing to me how fast a celebrity is judged these days. I even do it myself from time to time. It is so much easier to judge them from afar as it most likely  stems from being resentful about their success or we hate what we see in our own mirrors.

In this case I at first thought it was just defamation on the Patriots and Brady. Then I began to think Brady did know something about it but wasn’t being honest about it. All along though I thought it was a ridiculous exercise since it was about air pressure in footballs.

But when I saw the punishment come down from the NFL I knew something wasn’t right here. 4 games? 1 million dollar fine? 2 draft picks? This was way overboard. It was was off the mark just for the fact that it took three months for them to conduct this investigation. 

Then the response from the Patriots came out today and it began to shed a little light on the situation. Apparently this investigation took so long because they had to make it seem so impossible for the accused to measure their standard of innocence that when they began to protest they could easily say. “See they won’t cooperate! They must have something to hide!” This is not how an investigation is doled out if fairness is exercised.

There is obviously some bad blood going on here between the Patriots and the NFL. We can only speculate on what that is. It almost seems like you have to cooperate so that they will go easy on you and therefore they get to feel like they own you but if you resist, they come down like a bag of bricks. or over inflated footballs.

I have always like a good legal fight. I won a court room battle as a defense lawyer in high school. It went for two days and I remember thinking that I could really do this. As I got older I didn’t want to pursue the type of life lawyers live.

I will be watching this closely as I have from the beginning to see how this unfolds with a neutral arbitrator handling this case. If he sees it from my perspective then I am sure Brady will be exonerated or at the very least the penalty will reduced to something more realistic.

Welcome To Sporting Jewlery

Hey Everyone!

First off head over to my About page if you would like to know who I am.

I am starting up this page to discuss the effect of jewelry on sports today. Ever wonder why certain sports players wear jewelry at all? What does it mean?

Well we will delve into that here. For centuries jewelry has been the outward expression in any culture. It is actually universal where many would know right away what it stands for and why we wear it. It is an extension of you personality .


Man with surf board on head at beach
Man with surf board sporting a necklace

So here we see a surfer at a beach wearing a necklace that looks like it has teeth on it. Typical for a surfer dude obviously. But what is this necklace represented something more? What if each of the teeth indicated a loved one that he wanted to keep close? It is fascinating when you think of all the reasons. Of course I could ask him but I don’t know who he is.

He is also wearing a choker too. This could of been a gift from a girlfriend since it kept close and seems more prominent on display,

It could have significant value to him as it is a one of a kind necklace that no one else has one quite like it.

There are many reasons. Why do you wear jewelry when performing sports?