Sad story

Have you ever seen the movie Titanic? I am sure you have. Everyone has seen that movie at least once.

Well I was thinking about how that movie ended and she dropped that famous necklace down into the cold depths of the sea. I recently had that happen to me, although it was much warmer water.

My fiancee and I decided to charter a yacht out of Miami. Instead of the usual cruise with all the people we wanted one of those simple smaller yachts that was intimate and comfortable for two people.

They had many to choose from too. We settled on one that had one crew member and a captain. It was really nice with a lounge area, deck, personal quarters that rivaled a captains quarters size.

We were really excited and this was in fact the best trip we have taken anywhere.

Except for this one part. I lost my necklace.

We were doing a little swimming off the coast of Key West before we ended our trip back to Miami.

It was a beautiful evening with sunny and clear waters. We also got some snorkels and swam around some reefs and this is where my hanging necklace snagged onto a part of the reef.

Before I could grab it, it had sunk down to the depths of the reef and ocean.

I honestly thought of the movie Titanic right then. Will someone someday see that necklace? Will it become part of an historical find?

Who really knows.

It was still an awsome vacation.