Sport Stuff

Hey guys and gals.

What are your thoughts on guys wearing jewelry ?

You see many sports athletes wear earrings and gold chains. I wonder if it is a culture thing or just plain trying to be like everyone else?

I like when the jewelry is representing something important to them. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing gold, silver or hemp. These athletes are on TV all the time so their loved ones will get to see them wearing this significant piece of jewelry live telling them they are special and important. 

Anyway it also reminds me of a song, Cross of Gold, by Michael W. Smith. Hey had this lyric asking the hearer that said, “What’s your Line?” What is it your trying to say? ”

It always stuck with me with everything I do in life from the clothes I wear to any kind of accessory I have. I don’t personally wear a necklace but I used to when I was younger. I had a really cool choker with a sharks tooth in the center. It was from a summer where I had a lot of fun at beaches and working out.

Later on I had a beaded one after a trip to Honduras. Eventually I stopped wearing a necklace of any kind as I just felt like I outgrown it.

So what’s your line? What do you wear your cross of Gold?